Why Khapli And Black Wheat Are Good For Everyone Over Hybrid Wheat.

Why Khapli And Black Wheat Are Good For Everyone Over Hybrid Wheat.

Lifestyle today has become so occupied that people are hustling every day for the same purpose. And, because of that they are not focusing on the proper diet their bodies need daily. Even if they are having a meal on time there is no surety of pure ingredients consumption. As the available food items in the market are hybridized these days, even the wheat flour that people consume daily. Hence, it is important to opt for organic food grains and flour. You must prefer khapli and black wheat to keep up with your good health today.

How hybrid is not a good option for a healthy lifestyle?

Ajmer: National conference organized by the country, ''Physiologists from all over the country warned that hybrid wheat is a pandemic of diabetes; gluten increases insulin levels, which increases the disease'

Hybrid wheat increases the amount of obesity in the body. Due to the excessive consumption of hybrid wheat instead of traditional wheat, the number of patients with diabetes, stress, joint pain, migraine, and fatty liver is increasing rapidly in the country.

Research says hybrid wheat is made from seeds prepared in the lab. It gives ten times more yield than traditional wheat, due to which its use has increased. Its side effects have made the person's body sick. The consumption of hybrid wheat causes diseases in the body. Hence, using Khapli and Black wheat is good for everyone over hybrid wheat.

Khapli Wheat Flour - Khapli wheat is also known as Emmer wheat which is rich in multiple nutrients such as protein, minerals, lipids, iron, dietary fibre, and various vitamin content which are the building blocks of a healthy body. The Khapli Wheat Flour Atta may look different in texture but tastes the same as the regular flour you use. They are soft, fluffy, and nutritious when cooked in the form of roti or chapati ideal for diabetics, and people with cardiovascular issues. Khapli Wheat Flour has various health benefits such as regulating blood sugar and supporting thyroid health rich in nutrients and promoting digestive health 

The Shiva Organic Khapli wheat flour is beneficial for you for many reasons -

As it is made with authentic emmer wheat with less gluten flour, best for people with diabetes and Weight Watchers, It contains a low GI (Glycemic Index) that helps regulate blood sugar in the body.

With Khapli wheat flour you can make soft chapati like regular wheat, so there's no taste difference instead it gives a good taste with high health benefits. This organic wheat is grown in a pollution-free environment and it comes directly from farmers to the customers.

Black Wheat Flour - Black wheat flour is great because of the presence of multi-nutritional value such as naturally occurring antioxidants that develop organically. The name is suggested by the colour black which pigments due to a natural agent called ''Anthocyanin”. Black wheat flour offers more essential nutrients such as dietary fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals with a lower glycemic index as compared to refined wheat flour.

Benefits of using black wheat flour -

High fibre content - The fibre content in black wheat is responsible for proper digestion as it helps in the breakdown of the food you intake, and is not stuck in there. Proper digestion means complete detoxification. Hence, it helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and desired weight loss. The antioxidant property also combats oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.

Low Glycemic Index: The glycemic index measures the value of sugar level in the blood that fluctuates due to specific food items. Several factors affect the glycemic index of the food you are eating including nutrient composition, cooking methods, and if processed. Hence, black wheat flour contains a low glycemic index and is beneficial for reducing the risk of diabetes.

Promotes Heart Health: The heart is the most crucial organ in your body that helps pump blood, and circulate throughout the body carrying oxygen and nutrients. The black wheat flour helps to improve your cardiovascular functioning by lowering bad cholesterol. This is how organic food maintains heart health.

Improves digestive health: A better digestion makes you feel happy and light and keeps you in a normal routine with great energy. The fibre present in the flour helps in proper digestion with nutrient absorption that fulfills your body with all essentials.

Manages weight: If you are someone practicing weight loss then add organic black wheat flour because the combination of fibre, protein, and complex carbohydrates helps to manage weight as you prefer. 

Conclusively, it would be a smart move to replace hybrid wheat flour with Khapli, and black wheat flour from the Shiva Organic website, where you can order for free and cash on delivery. Now, you know how you are going to make your lifestyle healthy and disease free.

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