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Our company was founded and run by women as a solution to make available organic and natural products. We aim to create awareness and provide organic and natural products. In partnerships with our suppliers, we bring to you the untapped jewels from unexplored areas of Himalayan region which has retained its purity and nutritional properties. We are in full control to the grass root level and directly deal with farmers, bee keepers & packers which helps us to provide quality products. We ensure their well being and provide complete support. Our goal is to educate society to become health conscious and move towards sustainable living.

  • Mansha-Aggarwal-Shiva-Organic

    Mansha Aggarwal

    Mansha has done her post graduation  in commerce and have IB certification along with digital marketing from IIM Rhotak. She has been an IB educator for more than a decade and holds experience in diverse educational framework, special education programmes and CSR. She has been associated with multiple community service programmes  which empowered knowledge & attitude to bring a positive change.
    She decided to take the plunge in the business because of her passion, recently co-founded a french patisserie.

  • Tamanna-Aggarwal-Shiva-Organic

    Tamanna Aggarwal

    Tamanna holds a MSc with a focus on Organisational Psychology from University of Surrey, United Kingdom. She is an organizational psychologist, specializing in work, health, and well-being. Her work focuses on supporting people to thrive at work, particularly when they are experiencing times of change and vulnerability.
    She has an experience in operations and business development. Her core skills are organizational development, strategic planning, learning and development, and operations.

  • Hunar-Gujral-Shiva-Organic

    Hunar Gujral


    Hunar did her schooling from Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Melbourne and subsequently graduated as valedictorian of the Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) degree at RMIT, Melbourne.
    She has worked with KPMG, Australia in the past and is a partner at ANZ Dental Group Holdings, providing healthcare facilities and services in Australia. She has been awarded the prestigious NAB Financial Planning Scholarship and Deloitte Prize for Academic Excellence.

  • Shubham-Shiva-Organic | Shiva Organic

    Shubham Garg

    Digital Creator

  • Adheer-Raj-Shiva-Organic

    Adheer Raj


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