What is Honey ?

Honey formation starts by gathering nectar from nectarines of blooming flowers by bees using their proboscis, which is then brought to the hive and stored inside frames. Nectar is then transformed into honey by adding enzymes and continuous fanning that cause evaporation and lead to the formation of viscous honey. The colour and flavour of honey are based on the nectar that is collected by the bees. Honey has been used for the purpose of nutrition as well as medicine for centuries. 

Honey is called “Madhu” and is used as food, and medicine and also has religious features. In Indian Vedas, honey is considered “Amrut” and has its place as one of the ingredients in Panchamrita along with ghee, milk, curd, and sugar. There are certain Hindu rituals performed with honey like the ‘Madhu Abisheka’ ritual in which Madhu (honey) is poured on the idols while worshipping . As a part of Hindu culture, it is commonly used in the birth ritual “Jatakarma” in which honey is given to the neonatal even before the mother’s milk. Now it is time that we see honest as more than a sugar substitute and sweetner, as it is a power packed nutritive golden nectar.

Honey is a miracle food! Itnever spoils when kept in the right conditions. 

Honey as per Rigveda: “This herb, born of honey, dripped in honey, sweetened by honey, is the remedy for all injuries.”

Bees the epicentre of our ecosystem:

The bees not only collect the medicinal and nutritive properties from the flowers, but also practise the valuable pollination services, thus increasing the quality and quantity of seeds and creating the biodiversity on Earth. Pollination helps maintain healthy ecosystems, promoting soil fertility and water conservation. By facilitating plant reproduction, bees contribute to the stability and resilience of natural habitats, making their role indispensable to life on Earth.

We practice Ethical Beekeeping 

Maintaining the health of our vital pollinators and protecting our fragile ecosystems depend heavily on ethical beekeeping practices. Beekeepers at Shiva Organic create habitats free from toxic chemicals and exploitative techniques, where colonies can flourish, by putting the health and natural behaviors of bees first. This careful method maintains biodiversity, protects native flora, and fosters ecological balance in addition to improving the quality of honey. Our dedication to protecting the environment and maintaining the rich tapestry of nature is demonstrated by ethical beekeeping. We create environment where the bees and the beekeepers thrive in harmony.

Why consume Honey?

Honey is primarily made of water and carbohydrates. It also contains trace amounts of several minerals and vitamins. You can find niacin, calcium, copper, riboflavin, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc in honey. Honey also contains a blend of flavonoids and phenolic acids. 

Ayurvedic as well as Yunani medicine have been using honey as a vital medicine for centuries. Scientists of today also accept honey as a very effective medicine for all kinds of diseases.Honey can be used without any side effects for any kind of diseases. As an embodiment of the vast reach of science, history, and culture, honey bears witness to the continuous interaction between humans and nature. All ages widely accept honey, and its use goes beyond the barriers of ethnicity and culture. All religious and cultural beliefs embrace the use of honey. Honey is a beneficial nutritional liquid written in all scriptures or holy books and accepted by all generations, traditions, and civilisations, both ancient and modern, without any barriers.

Today's science says that even though honey is sweet, if taken in the right dosage as medicine, it does not harm diabetic patients also.

  • Build immune system, helps overcome various deficiencies 
  • It is useful in common cold, sore throat and cough with sputum.
  • Application of honey on lower eyelid as Anjana keeps eyes healthy.
  • It helps in hyperacidity caused due to gastric ulcers.
  • Honey is an anti-aging solution for all skin types with hydrating properties to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • It is used as an ointment for burns, wounds, and skin irritation.
  • It is highly beneficial for weak digestion, teeth and gums, wounds, worms, and the
  • treatment of insomnia.
  • It is also said to maintain the potency of a medicine and prolong its effectiveness. 
  • Ayurveda has long identified honey as a fertility medicine for both men and women. Honey improves the quality of semen. Honey strengthens ovaries and uterus.
  • These are antioxidants that eliminate potentially destructive free radicals in the human body.
  • It is useful for topical application on wounds and mouth ulcers.

The final honey product can come in variety of forms, including liquid honey, cut comb honey, naturally crystallised honey, whipped honey and infused honey.

Precautions needed before intake:

  • It should not be heated or mixed with hot foods.
  • Do not take it in excess quantity.
  • Do not drink hot water after taking honey.

Honey As Food

Honey acts as a superfood and a great addition to a healthy lifestyle as some of the micronutrients found in one tablespoon of honey includes low quantities of potassium, sodium, phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin C. The most beneficial thing about honey is that it is in a pre- digested state, which can be consumed by even a new-born. Additionally, honey contains trace amounts of riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, iron, and zinc. 

Bacterial growth is limited in honey due to certain chemical properties, such as low water content and high carbohydrates which makes it widely compatible ingredient in different types of cooking and baking procedures.

A common health-related misconception about honey is that pasteurisation removes the nutrients received from enzymes and vitamins when the pollen is filtered out. The nutrient content and antioxidant level remains unchanged after pasteurisation.

Regenerative effects

Microcirculation in the tissues

Better nutrition

Better oxygenation

Muscle and tissue recovery


Medicinal Values

Naturally blurring the lines between medicinal and household uses, honey is beautifully versatile. The people around the world who love the different ways honey supports their well being. Research to date has revealed honey’s potential well being benefits in many dynamic areas; wound care & skin care, immune health & protection, soothing throat & cough, gut & digestive health, oral health and natural energy boost.

It is a unsung hero of superfoods which has backed the traditional medicines and therapies and has equally supported modern day routines and regimes. Clinical studies show that it is effective against a wide variety of bacteria including antibiotic-resistant strains.

Honey’s Healing Benefits are:

• Has powerful long-lasting antibacterial activity when applied to wounds and broken skin as it speeds the healing process and helps to prevent scarring.

• Suitable for all skin types, for more intensive care to nurture extra dry, depleted, aggravated or problem skin.

• Used in balms and bath products because of its toning, relaxing, conditioning effects, plays an important role in sun protection by preventing skin irritation.

Why Our Honey?

SHIVA ORGANIC’s honey comes from the majestic Himalayan forest, the undiscovered, untouched and marvellous land of elixirs. Honey is the SHIVA ORGANIC’s largest tangible asset. We’re thrilled that nutritionists, health practitioners, and natural wellness experts across the World are now discovering the power of this pure, precious resource.

We Want You To Be Aware

So, in an effort to clear up the confusion surrounding the real and purest honey, we wanted to provide you with a simple guide of how to tell the difference between verifiable quality and marketing hype. Check for the NMR certificate on the labels, as our aim is to help you understand it better to make your best informed choices and enjoy the benefits of real Himalayan organic honey. What’s more, our honey is sustainably sourced, pesticide-free, and hygienically packed – truly nature's finest. Darker in colour with a thicker texture and deliciously distinctive taste, expect a creamier and richer experience from this most tasty of superfoods. Rich in potent plant compounds, antioxidants, prebiotics, vitamins and trace minerals, its flavour and aroma are unlike any other honey, bursting with natural goodness.

"SHIVA ORGANIC honey is a true all-rounder for well-being."


Health Benefits

Honey has a number of potential health benefits and plays a role in many home remedies and alternative medicine treatments. It is rich in health promoting plant compounds known as polyphenols. It contains a number of antioxidants, including phenolic acids and flavonoids.

• Honey with lemon juice in luke warm water on empty stomach reduces bad cholesterol and warms up the body. It helps in the secretion of digestive juices and improves gut bacteria.

• It’s particularly effective for diabetes related foot ulcers

• When honey applied to the skin, honey can be part of an effective treatment plan for burns, wounds, and many other skin conditions.

• For children over 1 year of age, honey can act as a natural and safe cough suppressant. Some studies show that it’s even more effective than certain cough medicines.
For them, honey with breakfast and honey with milk before bed helps in sustainable growth of body and brain.

• Study says daily consumption of honey leads to a longer life.

• Honey with cold water gives cooling effect to the body even in hot summer.

  • Shiva-Organic

    With Ginger, cures Cough

  • Shiva-Organic

    With Tulsi, Cures Cough and Cold

  • Shiva-Organic

    With Garlic, Acts as Immunity Booster

  • Shiva-Organic

    With Betel leaf, Improves Mouth Odour

  • Shiva-Organic

    With Cinnamon, Improves Heart Health

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  • Shiva-Organic

    Improves Mental Health

  • Shiva-Organic

    Improves Liver Health

  • Shiva-Organic

    Improves Skin Health

  • Shiva-Organic

    Improves Gut Health

  • Shiva-Organic

    Supports Anti-aging

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Consumption Storage Guide


The crystallisation process is natural and spontaneous. Pure, raw and unheated honey has a natural tendency to crystallise over time with no effect on the honey other than colour and texture, Crystallisation does not have any effect on the quality or the taste of the honey, it will only effect external properties. The crystallisation of honey actually preserves the flavour and quality characteristics of your honey.

Some honey crystallised uniformly; some will be partially crystallised and form two layers, with the crystallised layer on the bottom of the jar and a liquid on top. Honeys also vary in the size of the crystals formed. Some form fine crystals and others large, gritty ones. The more rapid honey crystallises, the finer the texture will be. And crystallised honey tends to set a lighter/paler colour than when liquid. This is due to the fact that glucose tends to separate out in dehydrating crystals form, and that glucose crystals are naturally pure white. Darker honeys retain a brownish appearance. It's easy to re-liquefy crystallised honey, simply apply a gentle heat, running warm water over the container for 20-30 seconds, or putting the container in a small bowl of warm water for a few minutes will restore our Honey to its liquid state. Stirring may be required.

Again if you are seeking the full health benefits of 100% Raw Natural Honey we advise not to heat the Honey over 37°C.

Storage Precautions

There is nothing sweeter than having honey in your pantry, readily available to add a burst of nutritious sweetness and flavour to your meals or drinks at a moment’s notice. And the beauty of honey is that it doesn’t require much in terms of storage: it’s perfectly happy sitting on your shelf, and can do so for months - even years! But even though honey doesn’t go bad, there are still ways to store it so that it retains its flavour and texture until you scrape that last golden drop out of the jar. Keep it at room temperature - store your honey at room temperature, away from any appliances that generate heat (like ovens or gas), temperature fluctuations can cause the honey to darken in colour and degrade.

Ensure your jar is airtight- Honey doesn’t contain much water, which prevents bacteria from growing. Allowing moisture into your honey, either by dipping wet spoons into it, or by leaving it unsealed in our humid weather, could end up destroying it! If you plan on storing your honey in another jar, try a glass jar with a rubber-sealed lid.

Use non-metallic jars- Metallic containers, even food-grade ones, should never be used for honey storage, as they can cause the honey to oxidise and give your delicious, delicately flavoured honey a strange metallic tang. Glass are your best bet.

Freeze only when absolutely necessary- While putting honey in the fridge isn’t recommended, you may freeze honey as a last resort if you’ve purchased an extremely large amount and you need to store it indefinitely.


Honey is a diverse ingredient and superfood when comes to its consumption. Add a dollop of honey into your daily meals and drinks to enjoy its wonderful flavour as well as the healing benefits of this antioxidant and anti-microbial superfood. Consume one or two teaspoons of raw honey daily for good health.Stir into your favourite tea or water or drinks. Use it as a face wash to help improve skin health!

Daily consumption quantity

We recommend enjoying atleast one generous spoonful a day. More consumprion helps boost your immunity without overloading on blood sugar. But eating it from the spoon is not the only way to reap the benefits of honey, use it as a topping on desserts, a spoonful with pollen or apply on your skin.

The colour of liquid honey varies from Watery white to Dark amber, depends on the  nectar source plant, where the nectar was collected. Dark honeys contain more minerals are preferred by the health conscious consumers.

Flavour and taste of honey also depends on the source of the nectar plant.

Our Natural Honey

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High Altitude Honey

The one aspect of mountains is often overlooked: their power as a water, food and energy supply. Authenticity and quality are the main features of the high altitude regions. The quality of water and air are unmatched and has excessive purity. These regions are not polluted and are not exposed to any use of fertiliser or pesticides.
The collection of honey from such regions gives you access to superfood like properties, it has nectar from medicinal herbs and flowers. Shiva organic brings you a range of high altitude honey which is pure, close to nature and has exceptional amounts of vitamins and minerals. The tests done on this range have shown results that make it a superfood. Daily consumption of honey will protect you from various ailments and give you an immune shield.
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Herbs Infused Honey

Ayurveda and Siddha are the treasures for medicines, herbs when mixed with honey becomes medicine and is easily and quickly absorbed by the body, and they spread across the system through blood circulation. Given the established efficacy of traditional treatments, there is an urgent need to bridge the gap between old wisdom and modern scientific validation. We can pave the road for novel, accessible, and potentially life-changing medicines by understanding the mechanisms of  healing qualities of herb-infused honey and evaluating its influence on a number of illnesses.

Honey being a miracle food can be very versatile. We bring you some combinations which not only are based on ayurvedic medicine but also take us back to our childhood days when our grandmothers gave us as natural superfoods.

Shiva Organic brings you a range of infused honey which are some powerful combinations and infusions which can easily be part of your daily health routines. We infused our Organic honey with natural spices and herbs which will be hard to miss. These are, our nani and dadi ke NUSKHE to combat pollution, seasonal allergies, post covid deficiencies, flu and also help in weight management.

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