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    Bee Colonies

    Apis mellifera bee colonies are supplied on request.

    Each colony consists of five frames with a prolific young queen and 20,000 worker bees.

    Brood by bee ratio is 3:5 it means three frames contain both open or sealed brood, two frames with honey and pollen.

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    Bee Boxes

    Bee hive for Apis Mellifera (Langstroth bee hive) is made up from top to bottom of: Shallow super made of wood Deep super made of wood.

    Measurements: as per the ISI C type hive

    Wood: Forest Seasoned Wood

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1. Eight frames Apis mellifera bees
2. Six frames of brood.
3. Two frames of honey or bee bread (Pollen store)
4. Young & freshly mated queen not less than 3 months and of age.
5. The constructed comb frames shall be of good quality and free from disease and pests.
6. Bee colonies may be supplied with respective bee boxes.

Queen Bee Breeds

Queens are the only members of a bee colony able to lay fertilized eggs. An egg-laying queen is important in establishing a strong honey bee colony. The quality of queen decides the quality of the bee colony as she is the mother of all the bees in a colony. Shiva organic is producing the queen bees with utmost care by selection and mass queen rearing adopting the techniques of Doolittle method.

Our queen bees are capable of producing up to 2,000 eggs within a single day (during infinity of flora). Queens are allowed to mate with desired quality drones to store up millions of sperm within their bodies. While they are capable of living up to five years, profligacy is two to three years.

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    Higher Honey Yield

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    Royal Jelly Yield

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    Pollen Collection

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